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We've made Search Engine Optimisation into the perfect service.

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Grow your Customer Base and Profits
Ranking highly on Search Engines can bring huge amount of targeted traffic which can be easily translated in to profits.
Everything is done In-House
We don't outsource the management of your SEO Services. We make sure that only our certified strategies are implemented into your project.
Daily Reporting
We'll make sure you know what's going on with your site every day and every step of the way so that you're never in the dark.
Worry-Free Contracts
We don't keep you locked into our services for long periods of time. Feel free to leave after a short period of time without obligation or fees.
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Outrank your competitors on Google using SEO

Our job is to send the right 'signals' to your website in order to notify popular Search Engines like Google that you mean business and that your products / services are of a high standard. This will allow you to rank for popular & relevant keyword phrases to bring targeted traffic to your website:

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Why do we know you'll pick our Manchester Jump Online branch for SEO?

It's simple. We've ranked for and tackled some of the hardest keywords on Google for Glasgow ourselves. Who says we can't do that for your business?

"SEO Glasgow"


"Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow"


"SEO Agency Glasgow"


"Glasgow SEO"

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Big Brands demand the A1 SEO service. So we decided to provide that.

To qualify for our outstanding SEO services your business should:

  • Be active now, have been established for a while, and not be a website dealing with either start-ups, get rich quick type opportunities, or adult themed products or services.

  • Be established in its niche market and have a reasonably consistent amount of positive interest/sales. We are not particularly looking for huge numbers here, so small scale companies with a respectable position in their field should not be put off.

  • Offer a quality service or product. We work best with businesses that offer something which will be in demand for the long term, and of course that is reliable and of high quality.

Before we begin any work with a client we offer a no strings attached video analysis which explains SEO, and how it relates to your particular business in clear terms.

We love SEO, but our approach may not be right for your business, so please check out what we do and see if we make a good match. Jump Online’s digital marketing approach has proven itself to be a great success with so many businesses that we simply can’t work with everyone who contacts us. To confidently deliver the very best results we have a few restrictions in place, and therefore can only help businesses which fall into these guidelines.

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It's time to take the next step.

We're excited to hear from you. Please note - our SEO services are not for everyone:

We'd love to be able to help every company out in Manchester after the word is out that our Digital Marketing strategies have helped a number of business in the area. Our SEO Services specifically have generated so many fantastic results for Local Businesses. We always provide our potential clients with an absolutely no obligation Video Analysis, directly related to their business, to explain SEO without any barriers.

Due to the scarcity of our services we like to make sure that the clients we're partnered with meet a specific criteria so that we can obtain the very best results. We can only work with a limited amount of clients at the one time so we have some basic rules that your business must fall in line with in order for us to proceed:

1. An Active and Healthy business
We only work with companies that are ‘up and running’ and that have already been operating for a reasonable period of time, we do not work with websites in any of the following categories:

  • Start-up Businesses

  • Get Rich Quick Schemes

  • Adult Themed Material

2. A steady flow of leads
We work with companies that have already got a place in the market, that are getting consistent sales and are already set up. You don’t need to have a household name but you need some standing in a market. 

3. A good product/service
We are looking to work with companies that have a good product or service that fits in well within a market and that has a sustainable level of consumer demand.

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This service relates to Organic Marketing

Read our Organic Marketing page if you'd like to find out more information about this service.
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SEO PPC Social Media Marketing Web Design Graphic Design Web Development